The granGABLE fondo is designed for cyclists of all ages and abilities. All three of this year’s routes begin at Terry Trueblood Lodge, take you to some favorite local establishments for stops, and end at Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City. Note: all routes subject to change.


As cyclists know, riding right is essential for the safety of all participants in organized road rides. Below is a non-exhaustive list of things to keep in mind as you ride.

  • It is the expectation that all cyclists will obey all traffic control devices and will not have the right-of-way over traffic unless at an intersection controlled by Johnson County personnel.
  • When practicable, cyclists will ride single-file.
  • Cyclists shall not impede the normal flow of traffic and shall ride along the right side of the road. All roads will remain open to vehicle traffic for the duration of the event.
  • Johnson County personnel may stop cyclists for short periods of time to allow motor vehicles through.
  • Communication is key. Use signals to communicate with motorists and warn other cyclists when passing, slowing, or stopping.